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Metadata for Photographers: Best Practice Metadata Workflow for Images

Code: SDCPP003

Presenter: Sarah Saunders

Venue: Computer Lab 2


This course is run twice during the week

Group 2: Wednesday April 10

Group 1 Thursday April 11

Duration: Half day, morning session

Style: Workshop, participants hands on at computer

Participants: 15

Prerequisite: None

Cost: R995 (ex VAT)

Photographers are becoming increasingly aware of the value of metadata, and of the part it plays in copyright protection, the publishing workflow and online distribution. Sarah Saunders from Electric Lane works with the IPTC Photometadata Working Group on standards for data embedded in the image file, and is the author of the IPTC/CEPIC Metadata Handbook.

What content will be covered?

This session will discuss the principles of sound data entry, review the metadata workflow and map out best practice for use of IPTC Core and Extension fields by photographers and their clients. Some of the problems encountered in data handling and transfer will be reviewed, including with the importance of unique numbering for photographer images.

The dangers of data stripping in software will be highlighted, and the IPTC’s review of data handling by social networking sites will be discussed.

What will I gain?

Photographers will gain an understanding of the key benefits of sound metadata and of the importance of embedded metadata in copyright protection, as well as an approach to decision making on fields to populate.

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