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Many organisations are urgently needing to put a Digital Archives Strategy in place to guide and aid their engagement with the digital world and so enjoy its benefits while avoiding its pitfalls. Africa Media Online is well placed to produce such a strategy, not just on the basis of the broad research we have conducted on best practices around the world, but also on the basis of very real hands on experience in accomplishing what you are wanting to achieve. Knowing why you are engaging with the digital world is the first question in establishing a sound digital archives strategy. The other questions of what, how, who, where and when emerge from that primary question. In our consulting work we cover the entire spectrum from establishing a digital strategy, through digital capture and preservation to enabling secure access for your target audience.

The Digital Archives Strategy forms a part of the consulting process in the Digital Trade Route offered by Africa Media Online.

Contact David Larsen on editor@africamediaonline.com for assistance with a digital archives strategy.

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