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Here are a few testimonials from previous Digital Campus courses:

Good insight into the way forward for a personal archive.  Great to concretize abstract concepts that I’ve been practicing on an ad hoc basis .  Found it inspirational  and motivating to actually do the work necessary to maintain an archive.” (Christine Nesbitt Hills, Digital Campus 2012)

Digital Imaging Essentials course gave me a deeper understanding of key aspects of image quality recognition and repair.  Graeme is a patient, well-planned lecturer with good visual aids.” (Digital Campus 2006)

When you run another 1 day digital Masterclass for the DSLR photographers, then I’ll be first in the queue to sign up. I did your course in Pmb some 4 – 5 years back and to this day I tap into the learnings acquired there.  I spent a fortune on expensive British based DSLR magazines, mostly because all of them had accompanying discs with step by step photoshop lessons, but they never worked, because a tutorial disc does not provide any leadership and it does not interact with the learner. Conversely your AMO Masterclass was a fantastic learning experience, as the facilitator leads the learning and they also immediately answer questions topical to the class and there is just no substitute for this interactive advantage.” (Steve McCurrach, Aerial Photographer)

Participants at the Digital Campus in 2008 gave a rating out of 10 for the different courses.

Digital Imaging Essentials one day masterclass with Graeme Cookson

Pietermaritzburg: 8.9; Cape Town 9.1; Johannesburg 8.7

Graeme Cookson teaches the Digital Imaging Essentials masterclass at the Cape Town School of Photography (left) and Museum Africa in Johannesburg (right)

What were the major benefits gained from the training
“This course was extremely professionally presented”
“Graeme’s use of analogies very useful!”
“Detailed info that could not be found in books”
“Understanding what pixels are and how they work”
“Learnt a lot more about levels and curves”
“The order in which to edit an image & the tools to use”
“Colour management – learnt some great rules so I don’t need to rely on eye”
“Better understanding in detecting & fixing image quality problems”
“Being able to identify an image good enough for international market”
“Better understanding of what submission standards I must insist on”

Digital Imaging Ecosystem (now called “Best Practice Digital Workflow”) masterclass with Peter Krogh
Pietermaritzburg: 8.6; Cape Town: 9.1; Johannesburg 9.0

Peter Krogh teaches the Digital Imaging Ecosystem masterclass at iKhaya Conference Centre in Cape Town (left) and Wits University’s Hofmeyr House (right)

What were the major benefits gained from the training
“I realised how unorganised and dangerous my back-up system is!”
“To treat an image with more respect”
“A major reality check & what to do about where I am at now”
“Made how I need to store my library very clear”
“Library based collection management was a real benefit to me”
“Understanding how a system of storage can work & increase productivity”
“Knowledge of brilliant system that changes the potential of data/catalogue”
“Workflow will definitely improve”
“A whole new world was opened up to me”
“Great speaker, awesome content, just overwhelming. Thank you!”

Practical Digital Workflow (now called “Digital Images”) 2-day masterclass with Graeme Cookson
Pietermaritzburg: 9.0; Cape Town 9.0; Johannesburg 8.9

Graeme Cookson gives in-depth instruction at the Practical Digital Workflow masterclass at Ascot Conference Centre in Pietermaritzburg (left) and Market Photo Workshop (right)

What were the major benefits gained from the training
“Understanding image anatomy to bit level”
“In-depth knowledge of digital landscape”
“Image cleaning, sharpening, greyscale, use of highlights & shadows”
“Understanding of specific PS functions: curves, hue, saturation”
“Better use of histogram, channel, layers for colour profiles”
“Discovery of image faults & precise techniques to fix them”
“A bigger confidence in working images & awareness of what damages them”
“I can now enhance my images much better”
“A logical framework to approach problem solving”
“Can go back to thousands of images I thought were bad, correct & enjoy them”
“The way Graeme teaches – a master!!!”
“Stupendous! You need to add a column in front of ‘Very Well'”
“AWESOME lecturer!”


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