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Advanced Preparation of Master Files: For Exhibitions and Fine Art

Code: SDCPP006

Presenter: Graeme Cookson

Venue: Computer Lab 1

Date: Saturday April 13, 2013

Duration: Full day

Style: Workshop, participants hands on at computers

Participants: 12

Prerequisite: Digital Imaging Essentials and Preparation of Master Files

Cost: R1,995 (ex VAT)

Preparation of files for exhibitions and fine art printing is the most exacting work on a digital image because it is going to come under close scrutiny. This masterclass seeks to expose participants to the thinking and techniques that make for great exhibition and fine are imagery.

This masterclass is only available for participants who must have completed both the Digital Imaging Essentials masterclass and the Preparation of Master Files masterclass and have demonstrated competence in the use of Photoshop. Graeme Cookson has designed the masterclass specifically for advanced users of Photoshop.

What content will be covered?

Advanced techniques in masking, dodging and burning to bring out the best in images being utilised for exhibitions and fine art including the colour balancing of light in difficult lighting situations.

What will I gain?

 You will gain hands on experience in preparing challenging images for exhibitions and fine art.

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