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Preparation of Master Files: For Publication

Code: SDCPP005

Presenter: Graeme Cookson

Venue: Computer Lab 4


This masterclass is run twice

Group 2: Tuesday April 9, 2013

Group 1: Friday April 11, 2013

Duration: Full day

Style: Workshop, participants hands on at computers

Participants: 15

Prerequisite: Digital Imaging Essentials

Cost: R1995 (ex VAT)

Photogaphers, graphic designers and picture editors all need to know how to work with pictures. They need to be able to recognise whether an image is a quality image not just in its composition, but also technically. This goes for images that are born digital, but also for images that are the product of a scanner. And if necessary they need to be able to knock an image into shape ahead of publication through print, web or broadcast. This course is aimed at imparting key skills for doing this work ensuring that the press never has to stop.

What content will be covered?

The aim of this masterclass is to give you hands on experience of actually working with images to a standard required by the production line. You will be primarily focused on image quality – getting the image file itself up to professional standards, working with curves, adjustment layers, gradients, handling images with mixed light source and working with other colour spaces such as LAB.

What will I gain?

By the end of the masterclass you will have a clear, productive and scientific method for approaching working with images all the way from capturing them through archiving and on to publication, eliminating much of the trial and error that comes with trying to get images right merely “by eye”.


”Great explanations of relevant topics and subjects” Johannesburg based picture library worker


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