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Originally run in 2008 as the African Photo Entrepreneur Programme (APEP), the African Media Entrepreneur Programme (AMEP) is being developed as a next generation media training programme. The name is expressive of what we aim to achieve. “Media” has replaced “Photo” in recognition of the increasing media convergence and that in order to tell Africa’s story effectively to the new generation, skills are needed in multiple media. Although rooted in photography, this is very definitely a multiple media programme. “Entrepreneur” expresses both the desperate need for an entrepreneurial spirit and for entrepreneurial skills in the media sector.

Foundational to the development of this programme is a free online resource that we have developed as part of the Twenty Ten project called Shutha. This resource enables participants to work through the material at their own pace and develop the required skills to enable successful media entrepreneurs.

Above: images from Africa Media Online’s 2008 African Photo Entrepreneur Programme (APEP).

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