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In service of our vision to have Africans telling Africa’s story, over the past half decade we have developed training programmes that help to bridge the digital divide for African media professionals. In doing this we have formed significant partnerships with trainers who are on the cutting edge of developments in the digital world internationally. The training programmes that have emerged out of these partnerships have proved amazingly successful and have certainly inspired us to keep innovating in this area. The Digital Campus is a regular annual training event. The most recent one took place in April 2013 in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands.

We have developed an online training resource which covers a huge amount of ground relevant to African media professionals. Shutha.org is a free resource for professional photographers in the Majority World aimed at ensuring they can compete in both local and international markets for photography.

We are also available to run inhouse training for a specific company geared around your training needs.  Please contact David Larsen on editor@africamediaonline.com to discuss your requirements.


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