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MEMAT beginnings:

The first version of MEMAT was launched in 2001. In 2005 the entire system was upgraded to MEMAT 2 using Open Source technologies, building on lessons learned in the first version. MEMAT 3.0 was another revision to make use of the latest Open Source technologies and was launched in 2009. Improvements in MEMAT 3 have resulted in the latest release of MEMAT 3.1

Africa Media Online has created a product based on its own experiences at the heart of the heritage and media industries with years of experience in developing and using photographic websites and running an extensive media library. We are also experts in large volume digitisation and digital work flow and MEMAT forms a crucial part of this work flow.


MEMAT 3.1 Improvements over MEMAT 3.0:

1. The option to have various media types – images, audio and footage
upload tab


2. You can select to give users access to downloading either high, medium, low or web res images
Medium res


3. User download information is stored in “My downloads” in the new “Account” section


4. Extra functionality in the lightboxes


5. Ecommerce is now available as an option with a flexible pricing calculator


6. MEMAT 3.1 is integration with a professional CRM tool


MEMAT forms part of the Digital Trade Route provided by Africa Media Online.

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