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Africa Media Online has a high end digitisation service primarily digitising photographic materials and rare manuscripts. But we also partner with other organisations that digitise video and sound.


The first step in the digitisation process is ordering the physical archive. This can involve bar-coding your material. It can also involve sorting it into like materials so that it can go through a particular capture device. It can also involve selecting material that should be digitised ahead of the actual capturing process.


Capturing can take place on a number of different high end capture devices depending on the material. We use quality equipment to capture at archival standard. More information on the process for capturing photographic material can be found on the “Image Capture” page.


Most materials once they are captured digitally also need to be optimised so that they look like the original. In the case of manuscripts they are optimised for Optical Character Recognition so that they can be turned into searchable text.


Usually we deliver the high resolution files from the capture devices as well as the processed files and perhaps even derivative jpegs. These files are delivered on hard drives, or if it is a very small project they may be delivered on DVDs.


The majority of our digitisation clients also use our Archival Digital Repository system, MEMAT, to manage their digital archive. Once the material is digitised it is then ingested into this system which will makes the material available to whichever audience is required.

These Digitisation Services form a part of the Digital Trade Route provided by Africa Media Online.

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