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Planning for a digitisation project is no small undertaking. Digitisation projects are expensive and can have a significant drain on the resources of an organisation. This is why careful planning and gathering of resources in the Decision Making Phase is critical. This is often a daunting task for individuals and organisations and it is extremely helpful at this point to have some guidance. Africa Media Online has provided this for many leading media and heritage organisations in South Africa through its Training Programmes and Consulting Services.

Training Programmes can serve as a vital introduction to the field and give you the foundation upon which wise decisions can be made on behalf of your organisation. Even if you intend to outsource the work, our training programmes have helped organisations understand the standards and practices that a service provider should be providing, which has given peace of mind in knowing enough to assess whether a particular service provider is right for the job and whether the project has been carried out at the right standard.

Above: UK based Digital Imaging Consultant, Graeme Cookson, teaching students during a Digital Campus .

Consulting Services become valuable when you are ready to engage with the digital world as an organisation and need a clear strategy to do so, or if you are ready to engage with the nitty gritty of a particular digitisation project. In both of these circumstances is it reassuring to have the help of someone who has walked the road before and has your best interests at heart. Africa Media Online has always sought to be a faithful guide walk alongside African organisations and individuals trying to navigate the benefits and pitfalls of the digital world.

Above: Africa Media Online offers consulting services to organisations needing to develop a digitisation strategy.

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