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DLAb1468Dominique le Roux’s role of Media Manager is to bridge the gap between the needs of the market and the supply of that need. This involves engagement with potential buyers to build a community of interested parties, gain an understanding of what the markets are wanting and promote the products to that market; and it involves engagement with the journalists to ensure that they understand the wants of the market, correctly supply that want, and actively engage in marketing their products. Dominique also writes a general interest media blog, moonshinemedia, particularly focused on publishing and new media.

Anniversary Weekend AwayDavid Larsen is the Managing Director of Africa Media Online.¬†Africa Media Online operates as a digital trade route enabling Africans to get their media collections to a global audience through the provision of online media library systems, professional digitisation services, digital imaging training for professionals, and access to a worldwide audience.¬†David’s other blog, Digital Media Library Manager, is an initiative to enable African heritage collections to cross the digital divide.

TTlogo_origineelFor much of its life the blog on the news page has been focused on a particular project: ‘Twenty Ten: African media on the road to 2010 (and beyond)’ is an initiative of four organizations: Free Voice, World Press Photo, Africa Media Online and lokaalmondiaal. The Twenty Ten project was inspired by the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the media opportunities this had to offer. This project aimed to give African journalists a voice, both on the African continent, as well as worldwide. It offered African citizens the opportunity to experience their own view of African reality, as opposed to depending on foreign news organizations. This passion still continues in other elements of the project that are being rolled out such as an outdoor exhibition of the material produced which will travel to a number of countries in Africa, and the African Media Entrepreneur Programme.

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