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Advanced Lightbox Features – create, edit, view and email lightboxes or share, copy and move media files between lightboxes

Customer Relationship Management – MEMAT is integrated with a professional tool for managing users – SugarCRM

Digital Asset Management  – store, manage metadata, organise, display and retrieve media using IPTC and XMP standards.

Galleries – Galleries can be dynamically created and these can be browsed or viewed as a slide show using the CoolIris plugin.

Ingestion – Online Upload System for loading media files as well as ftp, DVD or Hard Drive upload options for large numbers of files.

Indexing and Tracking – MEMAT can keep track of millions of media files and multiple copies of the same media file.

Metadata – Global metadata standards ensure you can integrate other systems seamlessly and edit and update metadata online.

Multimedia Support – MEMAT’s Asset Management Layer has support for all media types and common media file formats

Open Source Tools – Non-proprietary system developed using Open Source tools which ensure interoperability with other systems.

Purchasing Pathway- the system can manage both use rights sales as well as free use options where appropriate.

Redundency – MEMAT’s Digital Vault backs media files up in maximum security ensuring storage migration on an ongoing basis.

Security – Password protected access within MEMAT allows you to scale access to media files per user type.

Scalability – No limit to the number of media files that can be handled which can be distributed across servers anywhere in the world

Searchable – Powerful search functionality returns results from millions of entries in under a second and prioritizes them by metadata type.

Servers and Hosting – Africa Media Online provides hosting in the cloud

Web-Based Presentation – MEMAT’s presentation layer can be accessed by any web browser


Set up cost: From R15,000 (ex VAT)

Monthly hosting: From R750 (ex VAT) per month

With over a decade of experience in working with media files at global standards and recent participation in writing the best practices section of a National Digitisation Policy and a digitisation strategy for one of Africa’s leading digital archives, Africa Media Online brings a wealth of experience in assisting organisations produce media files at the right quality. Such standards are built into MEMAT and ensure long -term accessibility and usability of media files.

MEMAT forms part of the Digital Trade Route provided by Africa Media Online.

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